Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Well, my English teacher back in the day said I should never start a sentence with "well" or "so". So, as you can see I am not a great writer nor do I really like to write do to a waning attention span. It has recently come to me that I do want to write about something, something that actually holds my attention and for some reason works its way into my brain and never bores me. You see, I really dig everything out there that has a motor or wheels or gears or some combination of each. Jeeps have captured my attention for the last few years and cars have been on my mind since I can remember. My father used to make me help him fix the family car...you remember right; when we used to fix our cars instead of just trading them in for a new one and some extra debt? My brother and I got carted home by the cops for ripping our go kart and mini bike through the neighborhood while my dad was taking a shower. I took my cousins topless Toyota mini truck around a corner when I was 16 and proceeded to emulate a move from an arcade game called "Ridge Racer" (in the rain mind you) and went off the road and careening into the desert rendering the truck inoperable. My cousin just laughed and hey what an I say, it was fun wrecking that truck. I can remember every car my parents owned since I was about five and the smell of the monster truck events at Veterans Memorial coliseum. I know the horsepower outputs of cars from the Ford Fiesta to the Henessey VelociRaptor Armored truck (475hp Ford Fiesta...about 1/4 of that). My poor wife (we'll call her "Banessa" to protect her identity) endures my relentless rambling about Jeeps and axles and carbon fiber body panels. She supports my one track mind and even asks me question about my fantasy garage and with so much grace pretends to be interested in the answer. She didn’t even question me when I came home with a cutting torch and started slicing up metal in the garage. She told me one day after I had given her a spiel about my current rental car I have from work (a Chevy HHR, barf) that I should write a blog about cars and or do reviews of each rental car that I get for the next few months. So. Well, here it goes...my venture into the blogosphere where all my retarded ideas and opinions can be shunned by my friends and family and my car junkie buddies will come to see what juicy little morsel of automobilia will come out of the left side of my brain. Lap it up like my CJ5 laps up gear oil, gear heads!