Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Patience is a Virtue (That I don't have)

Chip Foose, West Coast Custom's, Orange County Choppers and even ,my good local body shop all have one thing in common.  They take a project, put a bunch of time into it and after everything is perfect they go ahead and paint that project.  Whether it be a bike or a car or a fire truck.  When they are done they can stand back, smile and be proud of a shiny, perfect paint job, a paint job that looks good because they took the time to make everything right before they slapped a new layer of candy on.  I recently set upon a project myself.  I decided to paint my new to me 2005 KLR650.  When I got it it the plastics were badly faded from red to a flattering pink.  Knowing very little about motor cycles I decided to take it all the way apart and give it a new color scheme.  A black frame and motor and desert sand plastics seem to fit my style.  Now I am not one for good prep so whenever I started going to fast and cutting corners I would stop and come back at my project another day.  Doing so made a week long project drag out for more than a month.  I must say though, the wait was worth it to me.  Now after putting her back together I have a few leftover parts and nuts and bolts but never mind that check out how the KLR came out!  Click on the pics to see larger images.