Monday, July 25, 2011

Making It Yours

I'm sitting in a parking lot wasting time because apparently I am up way to early for any stores to be open.  To add to my irritating circumstances I am typing this blog on my phone on a touch screen....argh!  As I sit here with nothing to do, upset by my lack of activities one thing in this parking lot soothes me.  An early VW van sits nearby.  It is obviously loved by someone as it has been customized tastefully to the owners liking.  It has a silver flame job and nice paint.  It looks to be lowered a bit and the best part is that it looks to be a daily driver.  I am not a one of those huge veeedub fannigons but I am a lover and particpatorian in car culture.  I appreciate that this guy or gal takes pride in this classic vehicle and that he or she has made it his.  He added his own touch to the Vanagon making it his personal piece that can get him to and from work in his own style.  I like personal style even when it isn't a style I would choose for myself.  Good on you VW van dude.....Does your ride reflect your style?  Can you find the made up words in this post?