Thursday, June 23, 2011

Go Find a Snow Cone

I took "Banessa" out on the bike a couple weeks back for a snow cone date.  We zipped around Tucson, ate a little grub and then stopped at a little shack called "The Oasis" where we had the best raspado's (snow cones in Spanish) or raspadoooo's as Banessas dad calls them.  After our raspado chill out, my lady climbed back on the bike and held on as we took a winding back road through the desert all the way back to our casa.  When we got home she asked me, "Have you ever taken that road before?  How did you know about it?"  I guess I never really thought about it until then, but I just take off driving some days, just for the heck of it.  I will go down a road or take a turn I never have before.  Sometimes I find a cool new store, or a sweet trail or a nice fun road to flog a motorcycle through.  It is just fun for me to see what's out there and it lets me have a small feeling of discovery.  Go ahead and try it someday.  Get out there, go a way you have never gone before.  You might be surprised at what you find; an old farm house, a sweet dive bar or an awesome view.  Don't be discouraged if ya come up short and hit a dead end like we did on this trail below...turn around and go another way, you may come up with a winding road that gets your girl/guy to wrap her/his arms around you.
We crossed this portion of the Gila River only to find the end of the trail just on the other side.

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