Monday, November 7, 2011

What's In a Name

"Banessa" and I have names for our vehicles. Her truck is Sam the Ram, my old Jeep was El Scorcho, her Trailblazer is Jane Doe, my KLR650 was called Delta Force at work and the new Jeep is Enzo....we also have a few other vehicles in the family or in our past with names.

All these names have some sort of significance or reason for being. Sam rhymes with Ram, and I was listening to Weezer when I named the Liberty El Scorcho. Ah yes, those half Japanese girls do get me every time. Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, names...lets see. Jane can hide out in any parking lot with all her plain Jane sisters and Enzo...well duh, he is as fast as a Ferrari 458! Oh, I forgot the old KLR otherwise known as Delta Force. People at work thought it looked like a bike Chuck Norris would ride so they gave it a fitting name.

Some of these names came easy and some with a little more effort. The one thing they all had/have in common is that they have some essence of the rides character in it. The names defined the rigs.

What a dilemma. We are having a baby boy and we are supposed to figure out his name and have it ready before he even gets here. They should let us name him a few days later so we can fit him with the right name. That is how we did all the cars and they got sweet names. We named them after we got to know them. I don't want to name him Chevy and then find out he would be better as a Ford. In any case, I have thrown every car, tool and motorcycle name I could at Banessa (Banessa is a sweet name right?) and she hasn't like any of them. Oh well, I am sure what ever name the little dude gets it will be just right even if I don't get to name him Ducati or Jeepster Commando. Even though (insert name here) will have a name already when he is born I know he will define his name, it won't define him and I guess that is what makes little boys cooler than cool cars.

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