Monday, December 20, 2010

A Wrench in the Hand is Worth Two in the Tool Box....huuuuh?

I once went to winter camp.  It was cold, the sun never set, the ice was the road and banana hogs were shot on site.  This was in the frigid land of Antarctica where I met some amazing people who were doing some amazing things.  I made a friend down there on the ice; a quirky, funny, atheletic, nerdy type who kept my weather forecasting computers running tip top.  This guy was Cork;  he became a good friend for many reasons and not to sound to shallow, his love of Jeeps was probably one of the reasons I like the guy. With that, here ya go, Corks 2005 Jeep TJ Willys, something that he built up with some hard work to turn out a great off roader that he loves to get out and about in. 
Alias: Cork (original, I know)

My Ride: 2005 Jeep TJ Willys Edition

Special Ride: My bro in law suggested I get a Jeep after I totaled my previous vehicle. Once summer came and I took the top down and doors off, I knew I had picked right. When I get in my Jeep to drive to work in the morning and the top is down and doors are off, I just get happy and enjoy the ride and life. My Jeep is also the first vehicle I've actually done work on, from changing the oil to changing the whole suspension. Plus, it's a Jeep. Go anywhere, Do anything.

What would I replace my vehicle with: If I had to replace my vehicle... I would like to get a Jeep frame and body tub and build a Jeep from the ground up. I'd like to stick with the TJ style, but I wouldn't say no to a CJ5, CJ7 or a YJ either. I'd do this because it would be kick ass to build my Jeep from the ground up and know every little thing about it, and pick everything that is on it. Of course getting it there would be half the fun, the other half would be driving it offroad going places other non jeeps can't go :D

My first car: Drove my parents Chevy S-10 way back in the day, but what I consider MY first car was a 2005 Mazda 3 hatchback. It handled great, until I wrapped it around a telephone pole and almost got fried from the transformer that almost fell on top of me. But I walked away without a scratch or bruise even, so I can't complain about that vehicle at all really. Also got away from a state trooper and caught air on a hill while escaping, good times!

Fav car movie: Gone in Sixty Seconds, the remake. Angelina Jolie is in it too, need I say more?

Fondest memory involving a ride: I have a few... my first time out with my Jeep club, got into some deep mud holes, got stuck once, went up some hills, but had a blast! And my AZ camping trip with my man Ernie and co. Went up some hills that we don't have back east, and got chueys Jeep stuck in the river, a blast all around!

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