Sunday, December 5, 2010

Turbo Charged Reindeer Games

The December 4th Houston Coffee and Cars was a car lover’s dream show.  Say you loved to watch reruns of Magnum P.I. in 1988 during your summer vacation when you were 10 years old and you thought Magnums exotic Ferrari was your dream car….this show had it in real life for you.  Now, let s pretend it is 1995 and you were getting on the freeway in your hooptie of a Toyota and a bright red streak of Dodge Viper blew by you with its side pipes shooting a blast of hot air into your window because you had no A/C so the windows were down and you were all to happy to get your eyebrows burned off by Americas super car in person, errr  ummm, yeah, Houston Coffee and Cars had an ass load of Vipers as well.  This show was flipping fabulous.  People just stop by with their Lambos and Ferraris, Challengers, Porches, Mustangs and my favorite amongst all the high horse power speed demons...slow Jeeps!   No matter your fancy there is something for everyone at one of these events.  “Banessa”,  Dawn (she liked the Bentley) and I, perused the hundreds of cars, took some pictures and then watched as the cops blocked off a road and let each and every car that showed up mash the pedal to the floor on the way out.  Let’s just say that I think Bimmers make good reindeer and 427 Cobras really know how to make an exit.  Our Kia Rio drew cheers from the crowd as we left the scene a la “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” style.  
One of my favorite Fords of all time

My other favorite Ford
One of the many Cobra replicas

Lambo Maserati show down
Another Italian
American Muscle
Have you ever seen the Hennessey Venom?  I have ;)
Jeeps!  w00t w00t!
 There were so many other great rides!


  1. Awesome dude....there are a lot of nice looking cars here.

  2. Great photos and great post! Looks like an awesome way to spend the day! The picture 14th from the bottom is an award winner for sure! And, I love that you were a Star in the Reasonably-Priced Car! LOL!

  3. The Jeep trucks were my favorite - wish I was there. Matt would have been drooling - as would his ol' man.

  4. Thanks guys, it was really great. The amount of cars was amazing. Good stuff.