Thursday, November 25, 2010

He Ruled With an Icy Rubber Fist

Ivan the Terra Bus

Ivan the Terrible was the dreaded leader and grandest of the entire vehicle fleet on the ice.  All 4x4s and Pisten Bullies bowed to him in fear of being squashed under his giant balloon tires.  Snow mobiles fled the seen at his sight as he swallowed the inhabitants of McMurdo Station and begged for more.  Nary a Beaker nor a fresh Fingy can keep his jaw from dropping upon the sight of this red beast.  Oh…wait, that wasn’t Ivan the Terrible, it was Ivan the Terra Bus king of icy vehicular travel.  Ivan the Terra Bus is one of the many specialized vehicles at McMurdo Station Antarctica.  He is among a fleet of 4x4 Ford vans and trucks equipped with block heaters, locking differentials and big bad ass off road (Dick Cepek) tires or Mattracks.  Also on the ice are an array of old and new snowmobiles and Pisten Bullies (a vehicle that can go anywhere and shake your spine to pieces with the same efficiency).  Check out some of the rigs I photographed while visiting the continent, including the infamous Ivan the Terra Bus. 
The most bad ass city bus I have ever riden on.
A bullet proof Toyota HiLux
Another awesome Yota that you will never see in the states.  Damn Americans want for soft riding suspensions instead of capability.
Ivan's cousin (I did not take this picture, I believe my friend Kritsin took this.)
Who knew Route 66 went so far?  Ford E350 with big axles and Dick Cepek tires.
This old girl is still kickin on the ice.  Ski-Doo...yippeeee!
One of the various Pisten Bully type vehicles
A Mattrack equipped Ford F350

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