Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Men, Save Yourselves!

A guy at work was telling me the other day how he was going to have to pay a fist full of dollars to have his oil and air filter changed.  He was totally cool with it because, well hey, that is what he needed to do to keep his car properly maintained.  Now, I am all for having other people do things for me every once in a while if I have the cash and am short on time but I didn't like the fact that it was just so very normal to him to pay a lot of money for such a simple task.  This guy is young and his money could be used elsewhere like say on booze and women.  I hear this same scenario often while at work from increasingly young men.  They/we are being brought up to believe that to fix something we need to hire a professional or worse, we are told to throw things away and buy a new one.  When (here is where I sound old) I was a young 19 year old there was no way you would catch me giving my cash up to some guy to change my oil or put on a set of brake pads.  I needed my coin to buy a used set of wheels for my 240Z and to later take a girl out in it.  I have an opinion that may not be that of most but.....I think men should be willing to take a shot at doing their own maintenance and repairs of fairly simple tasks.  That doesn't just go for working on the family car.  It means replacing the belt in your dryer or figuring out why the dishwasher is leaking all over the floor.  Dudes!!!! YOU ARE MEN!!!  Back in the day you had to earn your keep by tracking down and killing a buffalo or building a shelter and now all most of us can do is find some other man to do it for us.  I'm not saying we should get in over our heads.  I'm saying take a crack at some things, learn a little about how things work and do some things yourself.  Check Youtube.com for a video on how to change that door knob or replace that dirty filter in that VW Beetle (it better be your girls car).  Many tasks that would cost you a day or two's pay may only cost a few bucks to do yourself; heck it might be free!  Go ahead and try it, you may surprise yourself and also save yourself enough dough to buy a keg of beer.  Oh and when your woman is all extra touchy feely the night you come in all dirty after replacing her oil…you can thank evolution for her unknowingly being lured to you for just acting like a man.  Now, time for another lube job;)

Ron being very manish and pulling a motor to put into a project of his.


  1. Love it! Except the sweaty part. Take a shower, then lure me! LOL!

  2. I am a "girl" (old girl) Anyway, I have change my oil, spark plugs, brakes, belts, hoses & even a transmission once!! Going back to your last post... My Dad taught me how to do some of these things which in turn, led me to being able to figure some of the other stuff out on my own. VERY valuable stuff, I say. Now, I have been know to get in over my head a time or two (or ten) but most times I eventually figure things out. So...for God's sake Men Get With It! Money is money & women like Real men AND money!