Monday, November 15, 2010

Bad Ass Bread Boxes

Many of the car brands out there have a model that is targeted at the younger crowd.   These ride’s are usually cheap, cost very little to maintain and will bore you to death like the NPR Science Friday podcast’s I download every once in a while.  With their weak motors, cheap materials and made in Chinaesque interiors they aren’t cars that scream fun.  One company though tries to grab young buyers with cars that have a little excitement and character.  Scion is Toyotas young brand touting a few model’s that are modestly priced and have a bit more excitement in the sheet metal than do the cars of the parent company.  I came across this article in the Air Force Times and it made me for at least a second think that a Scion xB is cool.  Check out these rides that were provided by Scion to three military teams to customize for SEMA.  Of course I really dig the ruggedized all wheel drive entry by the Marine Corps team.  Which one would you drive?
 This is the entry by the Army team dubbed "Sapper"
 The Navy entered this "Squid"


The Marines went all out with this lifted xB with all wheel drive and a turbo "xB Assault"


  1. I like the paint job on the Navy's car. The Marine's looks pretty tough! Oh my God! I am so embarrassed by the Army's! What the heck? Alright, McNeatus, where's the Air Force's entry?

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  3. They only gave out three cars. I don't know why they didn't give one for each service.