Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Company I Keep

I have come to realize that not everyone has the passion for the coolness of vehicular transportation that I do.  Some folks are just okay with a car that gets them from point A to point B (Corola drivers).  They don’t give two shites if a car has character, is fun to drive or how many horse power it has. These are all the folks you see driving Corola’s and the like.  That got me to thinking; I have a lot of friends that actually do have some sort of passion for things that go vroooom.  Okay…ya got me, I don’t have a lot of friends, but the ones I do have, have a bone in their body that gets excited at the smell of  a two stroke (not that kind of two stroke!) or the rumbling of a big engine.  Friends that have strong opinions on blow off valves or what tire tread pattern works best on wet granite at a 30 degree incline.  These friends of mine love cars, motorcycles, weed whacker powered scooters and big ol rock grappling 4x4’s.  Where the hell am I going with all this rambling about my friends?  Well here it is, I went ahead and sent questionnaires to these insane buddies of mine to let them express a little about their love of their very own wheeled wonders.  Take a minute, think of your favorite car, truck or motorbike……………Is it the 90 horse power 1982 Camaro Iron Duke?  Yeah I didn’t think so.  Anyway, now that you are thinking about your ride check out what one of my friends rolls in. I will feature one of my buddies rides every once in a while on my blog so that I don’t actually hve to come up with anything on my own. 

Today's featured Wheeled Wonder Pantser is Mr. OG himself.  Check it out ya'll............

Ok my ride is a 2000 Red Grand Am GT (or "grand ma" as some may call it). My car doesn't have to much done to it. It has some iridium spark plugs, a short ram intake, 18 inch aftermarket Zinik rims and is dropped about an inch and a half to reduce the wheel gap. It's nice looking and she's been good to me.

Why is this ride special?
This ride is special because it's the first car that I paid all on my own.

If you had to replace this vehicle what would you replace it with? Why?
If i could replace my car right now i would go for the Audi S5. You can see a picture of it here:
I like many of the models that Audi has released recently and I would drive many of their cars and SUV's but the S5 is my favorite.

What was your first car; tell us something funny or crappy about it or a problem that you lived with because you were just happy to have a car.
My first car was a 1986 blue Grand am. No i'm not a Grand Am aficionado, I just happen to have owned two Grand Am's....but I promise I won't buy another one. The only major problem I had with it was that it started overheating a lot so i had to stop driving it.

What's your favorite car movie?
I would have to say that my favorite car movie is probably Gone in 60 seconds. They have so many lovely cars in the movie. But one of my favorite car chase scenes is in the movie The Italian Job.

What's your dream car?
My dream car is the Aston Martin DBS. You can see a picture here:
It's the one that James Bond had driving in the movie Casino Royal.

What's your fondest memory involving a ride?
I would have to say that some of the fondest memories involving a ride was being able to go to the SEMA aftermarket car shows in Las Vegas. For those of you that don't know what that's the biggest aftermarket car show in the world and its held at the Hilton convention center. Being able to see so many cars that have been modified to make them look their best had been a sight to see. The trips to Vegas were also amazing and have created lots of great memories.

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  1. OG, we never did get to go to SEMA together...some day, some day....